Welcome to Blessing All the Birds, a feminist fan project focused on the work of songwriter Joanna Newsom. We see Newsom's work as feminist literature and our goal is to provide it the serious critical analysis it deserves, as well as to discuss her unique place in popular culture.
Contributing Authors

“Blessing All the Birds” is a feminist blog about songwriter Joanna Newsom and the music she creates.

It is a place where critical thinking fans can work out ideas they have pertaining to Newsom’s work, particularly the way that her feminism influences and is expressed through it.

Our title, Blessing All the Birds, comes from an early version of ”Only Skin.”

As a fan-generated project, we are open to (and love) reader submissions. If you have any ideas or thoughts about Joanna’s work, or would like to respond to something we’ve posted in detail, use the “Submit” tab at the top of the main page.

Currently, we—like all fans of Joanna Newsom—eagerly await new material to explore with all of you.